With Ottchil lacquering, wood is protected from moisture and deterioration. It creates a natural antibacterial protection around the material, so you could keep using it for a long time. The traditional process of 'Ottchil' is now becoming a trend. it can now use various bright colors and be combined with a number of materials for diverse uses in everyday life. 'ottott' brings the value of lacquering to your life through artists' devoted minds and work.

일상에서 편안한 옻칠제품을 경험할 수 있기를 바라는 마음으로, 전통공예 재료인 옻칠을 사용하여 다양한 라이프스타일 상품을 디자인하고 제작합니다. 사용하는 물건에 따라 그 사람의 정서나 감정도 함께 변화하듯, 나무와 옻칠의 건강함과 온화함이 ‘오트오트’의 제품을 접하는 분들의 손끝에도 전달되길 바라며 언제나 정성을 담아 만듭니다.


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Process of making

The round contour and the subtle exposure of grains of wood are both warm and comfortable in appearance. The 'Seubchil' technique, which involves applying refined lacquer mixed with colorants and then wiping it off several times, stains the wood with clear and fine colors. The tray also comes in various shape and sizes. They are beautiful when placed together, but just as great per piece.  |  Tel. 070-8064-7726
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